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Winter Tips

Winter weather will be here before we know it. This means you need to make preparations now in the event of a winter emergency in your car. If you should break down, get in an accident, or just get stuck in a snow drift, here are some steps you can when the winter weather is severe.

  1. Stay in your car. Don’t try to walk somewhere to get help. People are more likely to get rescued when they stay with their vehicle. And, it’s much warmer inside your car than outside.
  2. Call for help. Call a friend, tow truck, or 911 for assistance. Make sure you keep a car charger for your cell phone in the car.
  3. Clear away the snow. If the snow is covering your car, take a few minutes to brush the snow off. Be sure to clear away the snow from the exhaust pipe
  4. Don’t try to dig yourself out. If you are stuck in a deep snow bank, don’t try to dig yourself out. This could make you sweat, which will make it much more difficult to stay warm.
  5. Run the engine once per hour. If you’re getting cold, turn on the engine for no more than 15 minutes every hour. This will help warm you up without exhausting the battery and draining your fuel.
  6. Ventilate your car. Open your window every so often to let some fresh air in and the carbon dioxide out.
  7. Don’t eat snow. If you’re feeling thirsty, don’t eat snow. This will only make you colder. Instead use an empty cup or bottle and wait until the snow melts inside your car before you drink it.
  8. Stay warm. Do what you can to stay warm by moving your arms and legs. If you are travelling with others, sit together to share body heat.
  9. Use the supplies in your winter emergency kit. Before winter weather arrives, pack an emergency kit filled with winter necessities.
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