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2024 Dodge Charger at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Gear up for a revolution in muscle cars! The all-new 2024 Dodge Charger has arrived at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, your go-to Dodge dealer for the Warsaw, Goshen, and Plymouth, IN areas! This isn’t your grandpa’s Charger; this is a two-door electric beast boasting either 496 horsepower in the R/T or a jaw-dropping 670 horsepower in the Scat Pack. Keep reading to learn more about the features, performance, and innovations that make the 2024 Charger a game-changer.


670 Horsepower + All-Wheel Drive

The Charger Daytona Scat Pack features twin 335-horsepower electric motors, one driving the front wheels and one driving the rear wheels, creating a combined 670 horsepower and an estimated 627 lb-ft of instant torque. The rear motor houses a mechanical limited-slip differential to minimize slipping during high-powered all-wheel drive launch moments. Add in Line Lock for smoky burnouts and Launch Control for the perfect start off the line.

Still The World’s Most Powerful Muscle Car

This next generation is set to deliver more thrills that surpass legendary V8 performance. With 670 horsepower, the Charger Daytona Scat Pack is expected to target 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and target a 1/4 mile in 11.5 seconds.


Strap In

The Next-Gen Dodge Charger offers Black or Demonic Red performance-inspired leather-trimmed front seats with fixed headrests and adjustable thigh bolsters. Available in two material options—Nappa Leather or a Suede Nappa Leather combination—these body-gripping seats are designed to let drivers sink in and feel secure as speeds rise and hearts race.

Mission Control Center

Command and customize your drive intuitively with one-touch experiences conveniently at your fingertips. Amplify your power with Power Shot, delivering an additional 40 horsepower for up to 15 seconds. Or engage the Drive Modes button on the steering wheel to activate Sport, Track, or Drag Mode quickly. Information can easily be viewed on the available 16-inch Digital Cluster Display or 12.3-inch Center Display with Uconnect® 5 technology.


True To Form

Built with a standard widebody design, the wheels are pushed to the absolute maximum widest position, allowing an available staggered tire setup: 305/35ZR20XL front and 325/35ZR20 rear Goodyear Eagle® F1 Supercar® 3 tires.


The front exterior of the all-electric Charger Daytona is defined by the patent-pending R-Wing aero pass-through. This unique front opening helps minimize drag and maximize performance at top speeds. The R-Wing is named in honor of a well-known rocket scientist turned aero engineer who has gone down in history for his efforts in making race cars as aerodynamic as rockets.

The 2024 Dodge Charger Is Still the Most Powerful Muscle Car

Forget everything you thought you knew about muscle cars because the next-generation Dodge Charger rewrites the rules. This isn’t just about replicating the past; it’s about honoring the legacy of Dodge with a shot of adrenaline for the future. Designed from the ground up to deliver the iconic Dodge look, feel, and drive, the Charger Daytona is a muscle car for a new era. Buckle up because it’s poised to surpass even legendary V8 performance. The top-of-the-line Charger Daytona Scat Pack boasts a mind-blowing 670 horsepower, launching you from 0 to 60 mph in a scorching 3.3 seconds and conquering the quarter mile in a staggering 11.5 seconds. Here’s the secret sauce: twin electric motors, one for each axle, pumping out 670 horsepower and an instant 627 lb-ft of torque. Want to unleash some inner rebel? Line Lock lets you do smoky burnouts, while Launch Control always ensures a perfect start. And the power doesn’t stop there. The custom-designed 100.5 kWh battery pack is built for pure performance, utilizing cutting-edge materials to deliver a blistering initial burst of power and sustain incredible output for the entire quarter mile. This isn’t just a muscle car; it’s a muscle car revolution.

How’s the New Design for the 2024 Charger?

This isn’t your average electric car; this is American muscle reimagined for the modern age. Designed in Detroit, the next-gen Charger embodies the classic muscle car proportions, stripped down to its most badass form. Look closely; you’ll see illuminated Fratzog badges on the front and rear, a cool nod to Dodge’s muscle car dominance back in the 60s. No matter the angle, this Charger Daytona will turn heads and leave a lasting impression. Built wide from the start, it boasts wheels pushed out to the max, ready for those aggressive staggered tires – 305s in front, 325s in the back; we’re talking serious grip courtesy of Goodyear’s top-of-the-line Eagle® F1 Supercar 3 rubber. But Dodge didn’t just focus on looks. The Charger Daytona’s unique front opening, the patent-pending R-Wing, minimizes drag and maximizes performance when unleashing the beast. They even named it after a legendary rocket scientist who turned his talents to making race cars as slippery as rocketships! And let’s not forget the sound. The patent-pending Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust is a game-changer, promising a roar as iconic as a supercharged V8. This electric muscle car isn’t just about silent speed; it’s about delivering the pure, adrenaline-pumping experience you crave from a Dodge.

Inside the All-New Charger

Ditch the bench seat because the next-gen Charger offers premium comfort to the driver and passenger. Choose from Black or Demonic Red performance-inspired leather that wraps around your body. These aren’t your average car seats; these are bolsters with adjustable thigh support, ready to hug you in tight during high-speed thrills. Whether you go for the buttery-soft Nappa leather or the grippy Suede Nappa combo, you’ll be planted firmly in place and ready to enjoy the ride. But it’s not just about comfort – the Charger Daytona boasts a tech-filled interior to match its electric muscle.  Get ready to be blown away by a dual-screen setup: a customizable 16-inch digital driver cluster displays all the performance data you crave, while a massive 12.3-inch touchscreen handles infotainment with the latest Uconnect 5 system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard for seamless smartphone integration, and a thumping sound system keeps the energy high.

Check Out the 2024 Dodge Charger Here!

The 2024 Dodge Charger isn’t just a car; it’s a revolution in muscle. It perfectly blends Dodge’s iconic heritage and cutting-edge electric performance. This Charger Daytona rewrites the rulebook from the head-turning design to the mind-blowing horsepower and tech-filled interior.  Ready to experience the future of muscle? Come see it for yourself at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, your go-to Dodge dealer for the Warsaw, Goshen, and Plymouth, IN areas!  Do you have questions or want to schedule a test drive? Don’t wait – fill out the form below and let our team show you why the 2024 Charger Daytona deserves a spot in your garage.

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